Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Find hope in Christina's World.

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth
1948- Tempera on gessoed panel
81.9 cm × 121.3 cm (32¼ in × 47¾ in)

I am a big Wyeth family fan.  I admire all the work that family has produced, however it is Andrew Wyeth that holds a special place in my heart.

Christina's World leaves me speechless. Think for a moment. What do you see when you look at this picture? What emotions does it make you feel? When I first started my passion for art, it took a while for me to break my habit of seeing a painting, reading the name, reading a small description, and moving on. But, I want this blog to enable people to see art in another way. To change their perspectives and truly dig beneath the surface.

To me, this painting can be summed up into one word: inspiration. Christina Olson, the woman depicted in the painting, was Wyeth's close friend and neighbor. She had polio and by age 26, she could barely walk. Her disability however never hindered her, she was a strong willed woman, perhaps you can tell by this picture. As Christina lies in a field with her house in view, one can only imagine her emotions. With her mangled limbs and fragile stature, Wyeth depicts Christina as determined not weak. Everytime I see this picture I remember Christina Olson. When life gets hard, I look at Christina's World  and reflect on a woman of courage, strength, and determination. That's what Wyeth wanted, that's who Christina was, and that's who I will strive to be.

Find hope in Christina's World.


  1. Great start, NC (hey, you're NC Wyeth, right?)

    But you know, I have to be reminded whenever I see the painting that Christina was crippled. My first impression is always Dorothy landing back in Kansas, and then, a little closer to the truth, of a person isolated from home but evidently being welcomed back -- by the swath of lighter yellow grain sweeping down to get her.

    Looking forward to seeing much more!

  2. Haha, when I got married I was really excited to find out my new initials were NC for that reason!

    And thank you : )