Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Annie eminates through every snapshot.

Michelle Obama by Annie Leibovitz
March 2009, Cover of Vogue
Well I having doing homework for my politics class all day, so look what happened. It's Michelle Obama day! This image of our First Lady appeared on the March issue of Vogue and was taken by none other than Annie Leibovitz!

You know there is a lot of pressure on you when you are taking a picture of anyone involved in politics. If you make them look bad, you will be blamed for something. But then again if you make them look too good, people are going to jump to accusations. You must find a way to portray them not too over confident, but you can't make them see like they could be your next door neighbor either. Sometimes it frustrates me that even artistic expression has to be applied to politics, but it is just that way. Take Shepard Fairey for example, he is currently going through this huge lawsuit for his Obama "HOPE" poster. Geesh.

Anyways, Annie didn't pay any attention to the pressure she had in taking shots of the White House family, she just did it- and did it flawlessly, like always. She presents to us a confident First Lady, with charm, poise, elegance, and most importantly a woman who is here for change. She isn't put on a high pedastal neither figuratively or literally;  she is casually sitting on a chair is a realaxed position gently smiling at the viewers. Also hard to ignore is the position of her arms, cleverly displaying her wedding ring further showing that her vow to her husband is now her vow to the Nation.

I love Michelle Obama not because of her and her husband's triumphant position as the first African American President and First Lady, but because there is just something about here that brings a breath of fresh air into the political scene. From her healthy and in-shape body, to her elegant and charming style, to her beautiful young daughters, to her commitment to our country- I love her. I especially love the comparisons made to her being like Jackie Kennedy. Perhaps we will see an image of Michelle Obama on a canvas tote one day. Her image was shed an positive and honest light when Annie took this picture. I can't help but think of Annie when I look at this picture. Annie, a strong and capable woman herself, can definitely be seen both through the lens and on paper.

Annie eminates through every snapshot.

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  1. Perfect shot, great job Annie. Michelle looks friendly and warm yet not too casual....empowered yet not overly powerful....engaging but not completely open. Nice balancing act, love the portrait of the First Lady.