Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Norman Rockwell's work is always full of purpose.

Portrait of John F. Kennedy by Norman Rockwell
On the October 29th, 1960 and December 14th, 1963 issue of 
The Saturday Evening Post

Oh Norman, I just love you. Norman Rockwell is like The Beatles in a lot of ways, every time I listen to the Beatles I find another song that I have to put in my top ten favorites. Well, every time I look through Norman Rockwell's work I find yet another one of my favorites. I must have like a top twenty in Norman Rockwell's, but this portrait of John F. Kennedy definitely makes the cut. 

All right, I admit it. I am really obsessed with John F. Kennedy, actually the entire Kennedy legacy,  but I love Norman's portrait of him more than the official presidential painting of him (the one where he's looking down). As I have stated before, Norman Rockwell illustrated for The Saturday Evening Post and this was the only image that ever graced the cover twice, once right before the election and once for the tribute issue right after Kennedy was assassinated.

The only way to adequately describe why I love this work of art so much is so explain my love for John F. Kennedy. From the moment Kennedy was elected monumental change swept through the White House. From the interior design of the White House to political policy, Kennedy was behind a great deal of change. For being the youngest president in history, his brief presidency is something that inspires me daily.

Now, look at the portrait of him. What do you see? I see a man with confidence, determination, and hope. His expression is flawless and his poise is impossible to ignore. This is why I love it. Presidential portraits are difficult, but as always Norman was able to create a piece that was effortless and full of purpose.

Norman Rockwell's work is always full of purpose.

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