Monday, October 18, 2010

Norman Rockwell cherishes the simple.

Saying Grace by Norman Rockwell
1951, oil on canvas 
Featured on The Saturday Evening Post Cover November 24, 1951

It takes me way too much time to decide what Norman Rockwell to put on my blog, there is just so many that all deserve to be talked about. After about an hour of looking I chose Saying Grace

I often daydream about how Norman Rockwell chose the small details for his artwork. For example, the guy in the bottom left hand corner of Saying Grace is my favorite. You can't really see his expression, but you know he is staring at those praying. He was reading the paper, or pretending to, while drinking coffee and he just finished eating something... I like to think it was chocolate cake. 

I suppose the real reason why I love Saying Grace so much is it's ability to evoke this feeling of a calm simple America. I always get wrapped up in the go go go attitude and will be the first to admit that too much technology surrounds my day to day life. I long for a simple life where my family and I would go a diner, grab a slice of pie, and bow our heads to say grace. The best we do now is speed to the nearest coffee shop, go through the drive thru, and ask for a Venti Latte. 

I probably sound like I am 90 years old, but really I am just a girl who desperately tries to make my life simple and forget all the useless things I can get preoccupied with. So that's why I love Norman Rockwell because he knows just what I am after. 

Norman Rockwell cherishes the simple.


  1. i have a huge coffee table book of rockwell paintings and it is one of my FAVORITES. :)

  2. He is one of my favorites too!

  3. Beautiful picture, Thank You for posting it. Happy Thanksgiving from Maine.